Read if You Dare. I hope you do.

This is a simple book, by simple, everyday, ordinary people. We’re a group of young adults all trying to figure our way in the world. Sometimes things go wrong. That’s no surprise- that’s life, really, now isn’t it? Luckily, we have each other. If we didn’t, if we couldn’t discuss things among ourselves, then how would we ever be able to cope? This book is how we do.

Personally, we’d be delighted for you to read our collection of stories; but we won’t be offended if you chose not to. It’s hard, for some people. Reading other people’s miseries forces them to remember their own. But we implore you, please read. Even if you’re going through hardships of your own, we hope you read. Take a second- see that you’re not alone. You might feel alone, but look; look at this group of people here, writing about everything they’ve been through. Take a moment to know you aren’t alone.

Perhaps it’ll inspire you to create a book of your own. Perhaps you’ll be able to accept and face the troubles you’ve been harboring. Perhaps for one second- even if it’s only a single second- you’ll understand why. That’s all we ask for. Take a glance within the pages, and you never know what you might find.


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