Uzbekistan. A country where power abuse is a norm and everyone’s rights and freedoms are always called into question, a country where in the 21st century a person can vanish with no trace – is the worst place to fall in love with a call girl and get a job at the US Air Force Base.

The book is already published in Russian as “The School Of Rats” by Eksmo Press - major Russian publishing house in Moscow, 2015.

The novel got acknowledged for the most accurate description of the post-Soviet penitentiary system and is prohibited from reading or distributing in Uzbekistan.

Originally it was a letter to author’s best friend. Vincent was trying to apologize and tell a short bar story – how he got a cool job at the US Air Force Base during the war against Taliban. He did not realize how many people would read it and find it interesting. He did not realize how many friends he actually had!

"Ratlands" is an English adaptation of the Russian novel "School of Rats".