‘PROVE Your Fire Within: a magnetic Call to action’ is a unique story in itself. A crippled girl, Lucy is the heroin of the story. She doesn’t allow her handicaps and victimization to take Control over her but just the opposite takes place. All through her life in this story you find her full of compassion for others, is concerned about the growth of healthy family life, personal growth of individuals, and helping young girls to face adolescent struggles maturely. She transforms many warring youngsters Into a loving army, to work selflessly for the common good, inducing all, to life Values. Prayer, hard work and honesty became the power to achieve the impossible. She plays a great role to change the unhealthy attitudes of youngsters to peace loving God’s children. She proves through her life struggles, respect and honor for each other, which can bring real victory. Lucy functions as a powerful catalyst in the society. Her disciplined life and uncompromising attitude for right values remain as true challenge to the present youngsters and all. She heroically sacrificed her life, saving few drowning ones in the deep Ganges river. This story is quite different from the stories of today I think.

This story also teaches a great truth. With humility, you allow yourself to be defeated in small things and be uncompromising in your values and principles of life to achieve your end goal. This will make the opposing ones to accept your ideas in support of your life mission.

I expect critique from my readers. I like it because I want to make the story more valuable for today, for the young adults and children.

Thank you.