Evan Graham's latest update for Proteus

Jun 21, 2017

My friends...our situation is grim. Our campaign has slowed to a crawl while our competition soars. We remain in fourth place, ten orders behind third, although by the end of the day that could turn into twenty orders if we can’t build up some momentum again.

Remember: the top three all win the full publishing deal. Fourth place gets nothing. 

On the plus side, we’ve gathered 120 people to support Proteus so far, and I am extremely thankful to each and every one of you. I hate to ask even more of you who have already done so much, but picture this: what if everyone who already ordered a copy managed to convince one person each to order a copy for themselves? We would soar to 240 orders, and all but guarantee our place in the number one spot for the duration of the contest.

So let me ask once again: please, try to find one person you know will help. Ask your spouse, your child or parent. Ask your best friend, or a good friend who loves science fiction. Ask anyone. I know each of you must know at least one person who would do this if you asked.

Remember I’m still offering a promotion for new referrals: a hand-drawn portrait, done by yours truly, for anyone who has bought a copy and is able to refer just one person to do the same.

We can still do this. We can do this together.