3 years ago, Kali Reymond was the leader of a small coven of witches, but, when a demon took the life of her high school sweetheart, she put as much distance between her and that life as she could.

Now, her magic is nothing but a shadow, something she only uses with the TV is broken or when she’s too lazy to get up and turn on the light. No one in New York knew her, no one had expectations for her, and no one looked at her like a wounded pup. She is free to be whoever she wanted to be, even if she isn’t getting any sleep.

Ignoring her past won’t stop her future, though, when signs and omens start cropping up - signs that can only mean one thing. The demon is coming back.

About the Author

Amber was raised in a small town Tennessee. She’s been a book lover since kindergarten, and an aspiring author since her undergraduate years at NYU, but she’s just now finally making her way into the writing world. Now, Amber attends graduate school at UCSD in San Diego and, when she’s not TAing, doing coursework, or working on research, she’s fostering the universes waiting to move from her mind to the paper.


Thank you for checking out my draft!

Bits and pieces of this story have come from all over the place, but the story itself has been incubating for years. Finally, it’s coming together, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Your comments and suggestions are what is going to take this story over the top, so let me know what you think! I look forward to it!