Hello there, my name is Joshua Lopez, and also, I’m an avid gamer.

Project: REALiZE comes from my experiences of RPGs and FPS, also many more, there will be a leveling system for Kole in the book, I’m currently brainstorming for how to incorporate that.

The name Kole Kates just came up to me for no reason, however, Azura Everfall’s name came from a friend in Discord, I came up with the last name though.

Some of the ideas were:

  • War between two conflicting groups.
  • A leveling system that is explained in the book.
  • A person pulling another person to another world.
  • Romance (eventually)
  • Vehicles
  • 30 different types of weapons (well, possible, but only a small chance)
  • And an epic battle between Kole and the leaders of the opposing groups.

Since No Man’s Sky has been released a month ago, I gained a lot of inspiration overtime.

So, after a long pause, I am back to continue this project.

If I am able to sell this book, I might be able to make a game after the events of the book, named as Project: Soul

It will be in a visual novel form, more details will come later.


I’m shifting my priority to Brave Hearts, cuz’ I want to finish it when Inkshares supports Philippines for PRE-ORDERS, I’ll update this once in a while though, so stay tuned at least 2-3 times in a month!