This is a space epic featuring super-soldiers pumped up by life-extending proteins, oppressed orbital colonists, wormholes, zealotry, and group dynamics galore. Follow the starship code named Penny through the galaxy to the next habitable star in a race to save humanity. Feel like you are there, in that giant floating city in space, breathing the cleanest air and bathed in the purest light you have ever seen, occasionally reminded how fragile civilized life in the universe really is. Take this journey with me, and we’ll see things you could only dream of.

I am a user interface & graphic designer from Cincinnati, OH. I have loved writing and telling stories since I can remember. Before I was able to write, I was telling my stories in pictures and having elaborate fantasies of adventure, riot, romance, and exploration. My favorite game was always "pretend" and I spend most of my day dreaming of other lives.

I have an affinity for the cosmos, having grown up in the rural Indiana, where the Milky Way was on full, brilliant display on any clear night. My parents instilled this love of nature and science in me - they would always let me stay up without dispute for a meteor shower, eclipse, aurora, or any other celestial event we could witness.

I aspired to be an astrophysicist after reading A Wrinkle In Time at age 8, wanting any way of traveling the stars - even if only vicariously from a NASA control room. Unfortunately, a genetic condition and untreated ADHD made it difficult for me to achieve in school, and forced me to accept the reality that I would only ever be able to imagine those far-off worlds. I am a self-taught scientific mind without anchor, adrift in a sea of wild ideas and optimistic thoughts of the future.

I know I will probably never be able to see the majesty of our cosmic environment for myself - my disconnected joints and scattered mind won’t get me there. Instead, this book is my journey through the stars I love so much, to the things I wish I had any chance of seeing; that I hope some day all humanity can see.