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This speculative sci-fi/dystopian novel (first in a planned duology) of mine is in the skeletal stages of its journey towards publication, but it’s a story I’ve had brewing in my mind for years because I wanted to write a book that dealt with a realistic future with the possibility of extremely advanced androids.

When I explored this future, questions arose: Where would these androids fit into society? How would humanity react to the reality of androids being as common as cars? What changes would have happened and why? What conflicts would there be in this future?

And so Project Human was born.

Planned funding start date sometime in late 2018/early 2019 but I want to reach these goals first:

  • A completed/in-progress second revision of Project Human
  • 500+ followers for this book
  • 50+ recommendations and/or reviews
  • First draft of Project Human’s sequel well under way/already written & in revision

Lastly, if you recommend Project Human before it starts funding, you will included in an exclusive email update list, and will see chapter updates and information before anyone else. I will be eventually pulling beta readers from this email list so if you want to sign up for that, all you have to do is recommend.

I’m always updating my Pinterest board & Spotify playlist for this story . . .

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Short synopsis (full blurb in-progress) ---

Android fighting in Atlanta City brings a human girl and experimental AI together as they navigate through a web of politics, secrets, and the fact that they might just be falling for each other.


Project Human is told in dual first-person POV -- the human girl’s (Hailey) & the AI’s (Ander).


Perhaps the youngest and best black-market android mechanic in Atlanta City who specializes in hacking and reprogramming androids for the highly illegal sport of android fighting. Daughter of deceased NAT (Newmenn Android Technologies) android system programmer Olivia Atako. Father unknown.


The experimental AI inside the prototype body PH-S1. First designed by Angela Newmenn as a pet side-project and, after Angela’s death, later enhanced and streamlined by her son Percy Newmenn. He is hardwired to observe and assimilate human behavior . . . and is the first android specifically programmed without the Asimov Rules.

SUPPORTING CHARACTERS (in order of importance):

Cindy Atako (grandmother)

Charley Oswin (club co-owner; Quinn’s partner)

Quinn Harkley (club co-owner; Charley’s partner)

Mills/Millicent Oswin (club DJ; Charley’s sister)

Percy Newmenn (Ander’s co-designer)

Alice Keane (South Senator)

Isaac Keane (Head of Atlanta Police Academy)

Olivia Atako (Hailey’s deceased mother)

James Anderson (PH-S1 body technician)


Project Human takes place in ATLANTA: Atlanta is one of the Hundred Cities, a sprawling mega-city that covers over one-hundred-thousand square miles. Big and bustling, it is home to an average of two million, holds the fourth largest airport in the world, and is the birthplace of the first Police Academy.

The majority of humanity lives in these Hundred Cities, leaving the country largely underpopulated except for the farming stations and ranches that make up more than half of the food industry.

Androids are as easy to buy and as prolific as cars, and even more important to the average household. They come in several primary models:

FACTORY - the strongest models, usually used by companies as workers and by cities for general maintenance, as well as the illegal androids fights.

Basic Factory model:

DOMESTIC - the most versatile models with the biggest selection of downloadable skill-set programs, used anywhere from tutors and childcare, to housekeepers and chauffeurs.

Average Domestic android model (available for customization):

ENTERTAINMENT - these are the most humanoid in anatomical appearance and programming, used mainly as servers and sexual Companions.

Basic Entertainment models (personalized customization available ):

All androids are for commercial or personal use only and are programmed with the Asimov Rules. Use of androids in violent or military actions (excepting as medical assistants) as a result of androids programmed without the Asimov Rules is absolutely prohibited under international law.

BEFORE 2120:

Wikipedia article: United America, a brief History

In 2060 the political strife in the USA came to a head with the impeachment of President Kenneth Lu (2017-2091), resulting in the termination of both the presidential system and, a year later in 2061, the individual States. From the ashes of this massive turmoil rose United America, split into the Five Territories represented by their elected Senators –West Coast, Midwest, South, North, and the East Colonies.

(see: Lu, Kenneth; Presidential system; USA; the Five Territories)

When the newly formed territories maneuvered for national control, the Senate was formed, consisting of a representative from each of the Five Territories. Each Senator served a five-year term, and the Senate quickly proved its efficiency with the formation of Police Academies whose peace-keeping officers brought an end to wide-spread rebellions such as the Independents and T-Partiers in 2073.

(see: Senate; Senators; Police Academies)

Right after the formation of the Academies came the rise of the Android Age in 2085, a movement heavily endorsed by the first West Coast Senator Justin Peraz (2039 –present) who is still one of the leading names in the industry; the gradual population shift and expansion of the Hundred Cities; the Strikes as caused by the android take-over of the minimum wage from 2099-2101; and the growing crime rate in the Cities starting in 2098.

(see: Android Age; Peraz, Justin; the Hundred Cities)

The Academies (New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, with the headquarters in Atlanta) offered lifetime work and a rigorous training program to counteract the steep rise in crime after the formation of United America, doubling as an extremely capable militia in the possible event of war. The military dissolved into a mere force of five hundred thousand on-duty soldiers after the end of the Middle East War in 2052, and is second to the Academy officer force.

(see: Atlanta Academy; Militia; Military; Middle East War)

The Android Age began with the ground-breaking leap in artificial intelligence headed by leading AI scientist Angela Newmenn (2029-2110) in 2035. In 2044 the first commercial androids were released from Newmenn’s company NAT (Newmenn Android Technologies), primarily used for menial labor in warehouses and factories. This revolutionary change in the job industry was quickly followed by improved, sleeker models for a diverse range of use such as teaching aides and bartenders, to personal helpers and sexual Companions.

(see: Newmenn, Angela; NAT)

As the androids took over the job market, there became new openings. The entertainment industry took over the nation, and the new demand for android mechanics was also a popular career choice. When the androids first began to replace most minimum wage workers in 2099, there were City-wide strikes across the nation by disgruntled workers, leading to a tumultuous few years until the openings for mechanics and android-worker management appeared in late 2101. As of 2113 the job market is in order of frequently-hired: police, mechanics, android managers, entertainment workers, android programmers, and the medical field, along with their sub-catagories.

(see: entertainment industry; android mechanics; medical advancements)

The largest negative for in the Android Age is the growing crime-rate. With the loss of the menial minimum-wage job and the change of Social Security into of the National Welfare Program (NWP) in 2103, the general populace can live on their monthly program funds, resulting in the rise in illegal activity such as drug sales, android hacking, and smuggling.

(see: android hacking; NWP; Social Security; smuggling)