"The future is bright, and peace is its shining light."

So ran the litany of the Garda Siochana, the Guardians of Peace. They left earth to protect their way of life and now their society is beginning to crumble.

Sissy loses her youngest sister to secret experiments run by Father, the visionary head of their community. The head lab tech, Conall Duncan loses control of the experiment and begins to question the very morality underlying his work. Meanwhile, Helen learns of a deadly and terrifying Illness sweeping through the colony and must find a way to save her sister from being its latest victim.

Each choice brings more secrets to light, more questions. What is the purpose of the experiments with Hazel and are there more? Where did the Illness come from and can it be cured? Who, or what, are the Bhocans and why are they watching the colony? Why did the colony really leave Earth? And what else is Father hiding?

About Me:

Story-telling is in my blood and marrow. Both of my parents told stories to my siblings and I before bed, replete with different character voices and sound effects. Fantasy felt more real to me than reality and I reveled in it. I wrote stories in my head all day long, some of which made it to journals or part of a school project. I’ve always had stories to tell and this project is my first attempt to share them with the world.

If you’re interested in reading more about what happens to Sissy, Helen, and Conall and the dangers they face, please consider backing my book. And then share it with your friends and family.


G. N. Ellis