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Practical Applications For Multiverse Theory: A Science-Fiction Horror Comedy

Scott’s teacher is a demon. She wasn’t always like this. Mid-way through the class, between Scott looking from the board to his paper and back again, she transformed into a hell-creature bent on killing Scott. Meanwhile Davey watches the janitor turn into a sloth a sloth who wears a cowboy hat and chaps that read, "Slow Ride."

Things aren’t going well. Something’s gone wrong. Things that shouldn’t be in this universe are sliding in and taking root here. People who should be here are gone, transformed into something else. Some are dying. Some are on fire. Some can unhinge their jaws and absorb their crushes via their tooth-lined throats.

Scott and Davey are the only ones who are aware of this, who can see it happening. They’re the only ones who can do anything about this, apparently.

Something innate within Scott and Davey allows them to transcend universes, and they can’t help but feeling that this is only the beginning of something much bigger. For now, they seem to be the only ones who are aware of what’s happening. They’re the only ones who can do anything about this, apparently. If they save their school, and all of existence, it may only be the first step into a much larger world - as these two unlikely heroes become the "Guardians of the Multiverse."

About The Book

Practical Applications For Multiverse Theory is a Science Fiction Horror Comedy for Young Adults. The story is told from a dual perspective, trading back and forth between the two main characters, Scott and Davey.

Scott and Davey are two students who don’t know one another well, and are pushed together to help conquer a major problem in their lives: all universes in existence are collapsing in on theirs, centered exclusively in their school. They don’t like each other, they don’t want to like each other, but to survive, they have no choice.

About Us

Nick and Noa are improvisors, writers, and readers. They are dedicated to writing incredible situations around regular people, mixed with horror, science fiction, and the thing they both love best: comedy.