So this story...I’d like to say something really profound, but in truth, it came to me while I was sitting at my desk at work during lunch, halfway reading a news story.  Mostly, I was just letting my mind churn over some random thoughts I’d had and writing trends that I’ve been reading about recently.

I’ll be honest: I loathe this whole ’zombie apocalypse’ trend that is going on right now.  Mostly, it’s all the sheer grossness that accompanies it all, the makeup, the soundtracks, the repetitive story.

But then this story struck me...and you’re probably wondering what a zombie apocalypse has anything to do with what you’ve just read.

The answer’ll have to keep reading as I finish writing to find out!  (Insert sideways smirk.)

I’m tagging  this story "zombie apocalypse meets European mythology."  Let’s just leave it at that...for now.