DATA ENTRY – 28:07:2072

Data Entry – 28:07:2072

Data Entry – 28:07:2072


One Tranquility Base

Huntsville, Alabama 35805


I can’t believe I’m actually here at the ISA.  They told us to start our logs right away to get us used to documenting. I am officially part of the first class of Project Artemis and on my way to colonizing Pluto.  Sitting here in my HAB bunk on my official ISA data pad it just seems unreal.  This morning I woke up Abagail Aeryn, just another 12 year old kid, and now I’m part of ARTEMIS.  When I complete my training and if everything goes right that means when I’m 26 I will be Pluto.  Starting young is a must for colonization these days so that no one’s too old when they get there.  They started ISA as a training program for Colony Mars and they sent old people up and had problems keeping going at first. So now I get to be on my way to the stars!  

We had to go through so much testing for the application but today there was even more.  They gave us another physical, shots and a psych exam. After that I got in the assembly line for all of our issued equipment, no room for extras in space better to learn that now.  Uniforms, training suits, sleeping bags, our wrist band monitors and our data pads.  Then we got lunch. So glad they aren’t starting us out on astronaut food just yet, just regular old spaghetti.  Then we got to watch a video about how this place runs, rules and stuff. Schedules pop up on wrist bands, with PT (physical training) in the mornings and classes/lunch after.  After the video we got a welcome speech from General Yamazaki.  The usual, best and brightest for the future of earth stuff.  After dinner we took some more placement tests, I hope I don’t get put on a medical or pilot track; I want to get to do the fun stuff like suiting up for an EVA!

Tomorrow I get to finally meet the rest of Delta Flight.  Today was too busy after we all showered and got in our sleeping pods.  Tomorrow my journey begins, “For the benefit of all”.  

Artemis Project-Delta Flight

Abagail Aeryn