Plowing Furrows in the Sea is a historical fiction novel that goes far beyond the perception of Colombia’s drug cartels and reaches into the real lives of real Colombians who share the same dream of freedom that we all have.

Plowing Furrows in the Sea reaches back into history and tells the story of a young army captain, Santiago, and an orphaned teen, Maribel, who discover romance and share the dream of a future together. First, however, they must overcome the obstacles in their own path, as well as those imposed upon them by Spanish rule.

As Santiago is fighting to win independence for Colombia, Maribel is trying to stand firm and create the stability that will give flight to their dream of raising Criollo horses and a family. While building the foundation of that dream, there is a jealous and sinister figure lurking nearby, ready to bring it all tumbling down.

Historical figures like the great South American Liberator, Simon Bolivar and Jose Maria Cordoba are part of the book, as well as other characters which add depth and excitement to the story. The story is set initially in a small town near Bogota, but later moves to the central Andes near Medellin. 

Though this seems to have little to do with the sea, the title originates from a quotation by Simon Bolivar not long before his death. "Those who have supported the revolution have plowed furrows in the sea." The work draws parallels between the personal struggle for freedom and the birth of a new, independent nation, struggling to cast off its bonds. Though it is set in the early 1800’s, the conflicts and victories are as relevant today as they were two hundred years ago.

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