In every form of madness, it was well believed in the divided mind of Thomas Rivenport, there were always two opposing, yet equally matched sides. Be it within the struggles between flesh and spirit, decay and sustenance or dark and light, once all the pawns were disposed of, all of the knights’ horses cut out from beneath them and all of the castle walls were fallen, two kings would stand across a vacant board littered with the ruin of their armies....

Origin of the Book: The general idea for A Bedlamite in Shadow came out of my learning to play chess, almost 20 years ago. In order to learn the movements of each piece around the board, I would often play against myself—a black piece one moment and a white piece the next.

However, as I progressed in my understanding of the game, I came to find that there was no way either side could defeat the other. Because I was one person playing both sides, I began to notice that there was simply no way that I could act in the interest of only one side.

For example, as I would plan a move by black against white, I would realize that, subconsciously, I was already planning a counter move by white and that in turn affected my thought process in my current move by black. It felt almost schizophrenic. As a result, these solitary games would always end in a stalemate, if they even got that far.

From out of this, I began to imagine the spirit of a man that had been divided against itself at death and the only way that he could find peace in the afterlife would be to defeat his opponent, which would ultimately negate himself. However, as I learned through my solitary chess experience, every move that one side makes will, in essence, serve the opposing side. Thus both sides are locked in a stalemate.

Twenty years later, I have decide to put these ideas to paper.

About the Book: A Bedlamite in Shadow is an experimental work of fiction, in the vein of Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror.

Told from multiple perspectives across various times and spaces, the narrative centers on the lives of two primary characters, Thomas and Diggory Rivenport. Although these two young men exist in different eras of history, both have come into contact with members of the Shedim—odd, sometimes preposterous, beings whose origins are unknown and whose influence in the world is profound.

In fact, the Shedim have orchestrated events in such a way that the separate worlds of Thomas and Diggory have begun to converge and neither is discernible from the other.

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