We’re the Whiteheads (formerly Pieces of Us) is an expansion of the book Call Me Whitehead, a published story about my late uncle Howard Whitehead’s experiences during the Vietnam War. It tells the story of my family—the Whiteheads.

My great grandparents, George and Daisy Whitehead, were outwardly an upstanding black couple during the early 20th century, but behind close doors, they were unhappy and resentful towards each other. And it all began with what should have been a pregnancy scandal that seemingly forced the two to marry. Between the two of them, they had seven children including Howard, my grandmother Corean, and a sibling who died in childhood.

As years passed and Daisy and George grew older, they did come to appreciate one another, even though their marriage didn’t begin like a typical romance. Family was what mattered to everyone.

My grandmother had her own demons as she too married a man that made her unhappy, a vicious cycle that she felt seemed to pass to the next generation. Her siblings have their own stories, stories of fear, racism, family, relationships, hardships, and triumphs.

Call Me Whitehead, Available on Amazon.

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