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The funding for Pieces of Us ended sometime last week. I plan to try funding again in the near future. Until then, I want to get people interested so I’ll give a brief introduction of me & the story and synopsis.

’Pieces of Us’

It’s not just about secrets. It’s not just about triumphs and failures. It’s not even just about racism. It’s about family. Pieces of Us chronicles the lives of the black American family, the Whiteheads, from the early 1900’s to present day.

    My name is Durena Burns. I love writing and have been doing so since I was a small child. My imagination worked well for me during difficult times and helped with my work in special education and the entertainment industry.
    Pieces of Us is the story about my Mom’s side of the family---my grandmother and her six other siblings (one of which died in childhood)---the Whiteheads from  the 1900’s until present day. The story chronicles the lives of the siblings and their situations with racism, scandals, secrets, relationships, affairs, triumphs, and successes.

I am very passionate about this project and look forward to writing and updating more chapters. Here’s the link for those who are interested: www.inkshares.com/books/pieces-of-us

Thank you all,
Durena Burns

Funding for Pieces of Us has come to an end. Thanks to all those who’ve supported me and my story. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reach my goal. It’s all good though. I plan to publish this story, whether through Inkshares or some other means. For those of you who’ve pre-ordered, you should receive a refund. 

Durena Burns

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Thank you all for your support. I have 51 days left until my campaign for Pieces of Us comes to an end. If you are interested in my story, check out and/or pre-order at www.inkshares.com/books/pieces-of-us. 

Because I am so appreciative of this site (and for celebration of my birthday yesterday), I am going to give shout outs to three authors and their work who reached out to me when I first started this site. Check out their awesome works!


Cari Dubiel: How to Remember 

2017: A woman tries to find out what happened to her during the year she lost her memory. 2016: A man tries to find out who killed his mother. They fell in love once, but she doesn’t remember it. (In production!) 

Becca Spence Dobias: Rock of Ages 

An LA transplant struggles over whether to return to rural Appalachia after her father’s death and an abusive relationship. A feisty rule breaker and her abuelita, and maybe a little bit of magic, help her understand the meaning of home. (In production!) 

Kendra Namednil: Borehole Bazaar: A Vow Unbroken  

Surviving abuse leaves no soul unscathed, and this is especially true of Ptielieren, an elite elvish bodyguard involuntarily integrated into an aversive-heavy culture.  Strength can exist absent a ringing victory and weakness does not signify defeat. (Available!) 


Thanks again everyone and have a great weekend! 

Durena Burns