Hey everyone,

I have just uploaded another excerpt for my currently funding story Pieces of Us. Check it out here: https://www.inkshares.com/books/pieces-of-us.

If you’re interested in the story, I would appreciate any feedback.


 Durena Burns

Funding for Pieces of Us begins today! This is so exciting!

Pieces of Us is a companion book to my newly published story Call Me Whitehead, about my late uncle’s experiences during the Vietnam War (available on Amazon).

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Hi everyone!

First, I want to thank those who followed me and read the draft of Pieces of Us. I really appreciate it! Readers and writers that are part of the Inkshares community are very helpful. I hope to fund my novel. Having said that, I have a lot of work to do when it comes to this project. The story is about my family and so I have to research and interview relatives. I plan to upload Chapter 2 soon. Which brings me to my other news...

Second, I have a side project that I’m writing in the meantime entitled The Endearing One (www.inkshares.com/books/the-endearing-one). Check it out, if you’re interested.

Thanks again, 

Durena Burns