Wow... It’s been a LONG time since I’ve made an update, huh? Well, I hope everyone’s been well :)
I wanted to announce that I’ll actually be removing Phantasia from Inkshares later this week. Now don’t fret! The main story "Reap" (that’s featured in Phantasia) has been given an overdue update, and will be making a comeback! Just... Not here, however, and not necessarily in novel form... Therefore, if you enjoyed Reap and want to continue following it, you can follow me on Twitter @AmiraKWolf I’ll also be posting updates on my other works too!

See you all around~

Hey all, sorry that it’s been a while... I just wanted to thank those you followed/had backed Phantasia. I know the funding period is over, and it sucks, but that’s okay because I personally would like to improve on the stories that I wrote. I’ve improved a lot and I want these stories to reflect that. 

Anyway, I also wanted to let you know that I have a website now: https://akwolfuntethered.com so feel free to peruse to your hearts’ content :) 


I also just wanted to thank you all for your support and patience! I know I don't post as frequently here as I should, so I apologise for that. I've been working on a lot of things writing-wise and life-wise in general, so yeah... But nonetheless, I still want you all to know that I'm very grateful and that you've already given me a great Christmas present. I hope everyone has an amazing Holiday season filled lots of love and cheer!  

Hello! So, as I'm sure most of you already have as well, I saw the Sword & Laser contest announcement and although I'm still working on Phantasia bit by bit, I thought I'd try my hand at the contest too with this idea: 

"Without Light (working title) - A science-fiction story set in a world consumed by shadow-like beasts, and where a mother, along with her son, must set out to find her missing husband."

Hey, fellow readers/writers, I've recently written a guest blog post HERE! So, if you'd be so kind as to give it a read, that would be awesome! Thank you! Also, a special thank you goes to Jamison Stone for allowing me to write this small piece for his website!  

Reworked Reap (I sent out the updated version already). I had done this about a month ago, but took some time away from it to look at both versions with fresh eyes. I even updated a few things about the 'campaign' page itself. Anyway, feel free to let me know what you guys think about this revised version, or any of the other stories I have.

Hey everyone, so I thought I'd show you a little snippet of the newest short story I'm working on for the book. It's a modern-action-fantasy story, this time! Unfortunately, it has no title yet, but hopefully I'll have one soon. Anyway, here it is!


"Ah, come on!" Zola exclaimed as she looked under the sole of her hiking boot. Her face twisted with disgust at the sight of the fresh animal droppings that now stained the bottom of her shoe. "That's it! Dad, are we almost there?" She asked in frustration while she quickly looked for a suitable place to remove the excrement. She loved going on assignments with her father, Hitoshi, but they had been hiking up the cold, foggy mountain for the last two hours, and he refused to reveal where they were going, which was really starting to piss her off. 

"Oh stop whining, Zee. I did tell you that it was quite the trek, didn't I?" Hitoshi responded while he continued walking on ahead through the dense forest. 

"Yeah, that's all you've told me," Zola grumbled under her breath as she created several brown smears on a neighbouring tree. She didn't want to know what animal left it behind, nor did she truly care. She just wanted it off her shoe, out of the wilderness, and a bloody explanation. 

After cleaning off her boot to the best of her abilities, Zola looked up to continue on her way only to find that her dad had disappeared into the thick fog. "Dad?" She called out, but no answer. He had left her alone with nothing but the sounds of the forest, and the ever shifting white mist to keep her company. She jogged straight ahead in the last direction she had seen him, but soon slowed down to take her time once she realized that running was probably not a good idea. The fog was so heavy that after eight to ten feet from where she stood, only the very light, shadowy outlines of trees could be seen. The last thing she needed was to unexpectedly run into something, or in the worst case scenario, fall. When is dad going to realize he's not funny? She asked herself, and with every uncertain step she felt her frustration rise. It was even at the point where she contemplated telling her mother, but maybe that'd be too harsh, although she didn't drop the idea. While she was distracted with angry thoughts towards her father, a hand suddenly grabbed her shoulder from behind. Startled, Zola flinched with a quick inhale, but didn't scream. Instead, and with a stern look upon her face, she turned her head towards the person she thought to be her dad to let out of a slow, sarcastic laugh, but froze with her mouth half-open. The person who had grabbed her wasn't her father. It wasn't him at all. Towering over her average height, was a long-haired man with what appeared to be tribal tattoos along the right side of his face and neck, while scars decorated his throat. 

Zola slapped his hand away and jumped to the side, a good two meters away. She grabbed her right jacket sleeve and was about to pull it up, when her father came running out from the fog to stop her. 

"Whoa, it's all good, honey... No need for violence," Hitoshi said as he stepped between the two individuals. "This big guy is our escort for the rest of the way." 

"Huh? Rest of the way? How much farther is this damn place?" Zola had finally had enough. 

 "Language, missy," he said giving her a look of disapproval, but she only rolled her eyes in response. "But, to answer your question, we're technically here. We just can't get passed this point." Hitoshi raised his finger and pointed behind his daughter at more fog and disappearing trees. Zola squinted to see what he was pointing at, but in the end only gave her dad a raised eyebrow. "It's a teleportation barrier. Actually, you better back up a bit unless you want to walk for another two hours." 

Zola didn't hesitate to move away. She had never encountered one before, but remembered that a teleportation barrier, plainly put, can send anything that passes through it somewhere else, keeping everything inside fully protected. Depending on how powerful the spell is, it could teleport something a few meters away, or to a completely different place. Only certain people can enter, or must be given permission. That's why this place is called the Forest of Confusion. Wow... Zola then looked back at the long-haired man and wondered if he had grabbed her to stop her from walking into it. The man walked up to join them, and in passing, gave her a nod as though he knew what she was thinking before stopping and raising his hand in the air. In an instant, an opening formed, creating ripples throughout the barrier like a stone falling into a still lake. 

"Ladies first," Hitoshi said with a wide grin. With another eyeroll, Zola walked through the barrier followed by her dad and the unnamed man. But once inside, her eyes widened with amazement. Although, it wasn't anything particularly special, she was still in awe by the fact it felt as though she had entered a completely different place. No fog, no trees, just a small town with brick buildings and houses, and narrow roads. It was pretty awesome that a spell was strong enough to conceal an entire town like this. "Pretty sweet, am I right? But the fun doesn't stop--" Hitoshi's playful demeanor suddenly faded mid-sentence. Something wasn't right. Something he didn't expect. Soon enough even Zola picked up on it. The air was crisp and heavy with the distinct scent of blood. 


So, there it is! I hope you all enjoyed it!

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So, I've decided to try and add a couple more short stories to the collection. The reason I'm going to do this is because the price is going up soon, and I at least want to give people their money's worth. I know that the new price gives you an ebook AND a hard copy, but I still feel it'd be better to give more content. 

Also, after thinking about it more, I think I'm not going to add part of Reap's script in the book, but leave the illustrations. I felt as though the ratio of Reap content vs the other stories is too unbalanced (and maybe overwhelming). Well, unless you guys say otherwise then I'll keep it. But to replace it, you get more stories, so I guess it's all good.

Anyway, I'll get working on a new story soon! Take care everyone!
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Hey everyone! I just wanted to thank all of 56 of you who have followed Phantasia, all 18 of you who have followed me, all 22 people who pre-ordered my book!! It really does mean a lot!! :)