There are two core concepts to this book. One is intentional and one is unintentional. The book is first told to a computer. If you don’t believe the story is told to a computer that is fine. The main thing is that the story shows a route someone else choose before they made it to the ending. This is why the book is called path of the robot. The second unintentional thing is that because my first story ended up being very short. This book may very well end up including two short stories. The second short story being significantly longer than the first. It is not included in the index because I don’t know how to add a preceding chapter on inkshares. However, I’m sure there is a way. The concept to replace it is neat. There are two paths to the first story. The robot’s ending and the best ending. Getting to either of these endings will point you to the hyperlink for the correct page in the book. In future stories I can mix the two stories together better before their added to inkshares to make this more rewarding. Essentially you beat the first story, then you are allowed to read the second. The second story is a high school romp about a porcupine going to high school. It has very little to do with robots. However, as a novelty the porcupine consults a cellphone about what to say or do regardless of whether youre choosing the path the robot chose. However, if you did choose the path the robot chose you will notice scenes where the porcupine texts to her cellphone. I should be able to finish the next short choose your adventure story in 3 days to a week. However, the high school story seems to have the makings of a choose your own adventure novel. I started off writing another choose your own adventure novel but it turned out to be far more more petty and dull than I wanted it to be. I just wasn’t feeling creative enough to write conversations with other characters. It just was too ambitious and a very detailed memory of high school is just something I don’t have anymore. However, even if I tried to do that you can see that it would be quite an undertaking to write a book that focuses on every memorable day of high school in detail. Anyway, that was the first draft of the second choose your own adventure story. Instead of making it too realistic, I’m focusing on making it enjoyable which makes making it realistic and making it entertaining easier.