Chapter ??

"But Aunt Sophie, this could be my only chance to see them again!" Cora stomped her foot obstinately.  She swung her head sideways to break eye contact from her legal guardian as a sign of protest.

"Cora dear," Sophie managed a smile despite her growing impatience, both with her niece and the topic.  They had discussed this at length, and even though she didn't quite grasp the concepts of space-time continuum, quantum physics and alternate realities, she was satisfied that any endeavors to establish contact with the inhabitants of that world would be futile.  Quite honestly, no one- not even the best minds on the globe fully understood the ramifications of their two realities coming into physical contact.  "We've talked about this," the woman said as she placed both hands on the girl's shoulder.  She reached for Cora's chin and gently turned her face forward facing.  "Remember?"

"Yes, I remember."

"Even if you could, even if it was for a split-second moment possible," Sophie began, "there is no way to know for sure if the persons from that place are actually your parents."