Hello! Please click ’Read’ above to read Act 1 of Pantheneon. This has been a lifelong project that I’ve been working on and refining since 1994-2000. I took a hiatus for several years due to work priorities and losing my manuscripts in a hard drive crash, but am back at it again. I’m currently writing Book 2 in the series, and would love any feedback you have to give. You can reach me via email at: jabl76mba@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time! -- JABL

- Book 1 Synopsis -

Long ago, the worlds of the Spectrum were ravaged by the bloodthirsty forces of the Afok Cor. Led by the cunning warrior Runakkis, the Afok Cor raped and pillaged a hundred worlds, waging a war that engulfed entire galaxies for more than a decade.

Fueled by paranoia and a mad lust for power, Runakkis would only taste defeat after a hundred and one worlds made a three hundred year pact with the Khordash Nur, fabled Stone Knights of Kaseturoc. In return for their assistance and continued defense, the worlds of the Spectrum would pay the Khordash Nur in jewels, trade, food and barter. Six years later, in the fourteenth year of the Bairum War, Runakkis was banished and the Afok Cor driven from the Spectrum in exile. And for two-hundred eighty-seven years there was peace.

In that time several cultures established themselves as major powers alongside the Vales of Kaseturoc. The Luri became known as masters of metallurgy and the Zokai evolved to become archivers of history and keepers of wisdom, inheritors to the largest library unknown to all races. On the remote planet of Lochier, the city of rings, also known as Lanksheir, grew to become an economic hub and virtual paradise for traders, nomads, travelers, and explorers. There were other worlds as well, but none of them mattered in the eyes of the Anancior. At least not yet...

- Book 2 Synopsis -

In the seven years since the Battle of Neira, the Afok Cor have retreated to their homeworld of Arochavok while the Pantheneon have established a foothold across its core worlds, strengthening economic and military ties. An unlikely ally to Vokar Bormanis, the Pantheneon has helped Kaseturoc bluecoats defeat the Crimson Nova insurgency and restored order to the galaxies of the Spectrum. But amidst Kaseturoc’s pyrrhic victory, a new enemy has emerged. One far more powerful than they could ever imagine. One with secret ties to the Anancior…