Malise always wanted a life more adventurous than her tiny seaside village was ever going to offer her. Insatiably curious, she’d always longed for the shifting colors of an astromancer’s mark to appear under the skin of her hand.

With no mark in evidence, she finds herself a place with the celestial cartographers of Nighthaven, producers of the star charts and magical inks used by the astromancers. Beginning work on a project known only as Viverra, Malise will find herself plunged headfirst into a web of plots that will lead to war and pitting herself head-to-head against a ruthless empress to keep her work from being perverted and used as a tool of conquest, even if that means giving her life.

Darkness and decay have rotted the Draivalon Empire into a shell of its former self. Terioc Amaurri makes plans to save his home from its ruler and the fiendish council she serves. Together, Malise and Terioc are Igain’s only hope- perhaps Braevis’s only hope- in keeping the world from falling into ruin.

This is the first novel set in the fantasy world of Braevis. Each is intended to build off previous themes but stand on their own merit.

About the Author:

I’ve written stories for as long as I can remember. It’s taken longer than it should have to finish my first novel, but better late than never! For the most recent updates, exclusive character sketches, and more follow me at and!