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The first draft is finally complete!  Look for more excerpts as the process goes!
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Life almost had me, but The Painted Stars is finally set to be completed before the year is out in a first draft!  New content added to the ’READ’ section!

Thank you for your support.  My most sincere apologies for falling off the earth for a bit- life behind the stories threw me a bit more of a curveball than I anticipated, and it’s taken a little time to get things back in order.  I am working on Painted Stars, and also have another project I’m drafting for readers to look over!  In the meantime, feel free to visit www.thebeautifulbackroads.wordpress.com to see what’s kept me away from Inkshares!


Melanie Goodman

Thank you all so much for following me.  I apologize that I haven’t reached out sooner, life away from the keyboard has been a bit more hectic than previously anticipated.  There is a new sample chapter up and I would love to hear any feedback that comes to mind!

Happy reading and writing,