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Wednesdays are Maddy’s favorite day at school. That’s because it’s show and tell day. And today she had a special surprise for everyone! Maddy quietly listened to everyone share their favorite things. Katie shared her skating trophy, and Isaac shared his rock collection.

After what seemed like forever, it was finally Maddy’s turn. Everybody sat quietly at the front of the room as Maddy reached into her pocket...

“This is Alfred Reginald Gee, or Al R.Gee for short,” she started. “He’s the world’s smallest elephant who lives with my family. I don’t often see him but I know he’s there.”

“That’s very interesting, Maddy,” said Ms. Sharon, looking at what seemed to be Maddy’s empty hands. “How do you know he’s there if you can’t see him?”

“Because,” continued Maddy, “every morning, while my daddy’s taking his shower, I can hear Al trumpeting away at his feet. Dad says Al helps him clear his nose.”

“Every day? That sounds like a noisy little elephant” said Ms. Sharon.

“I think it’s his way of telling us how much he likes to go on all of the adventures with Daddy and me…”

“Last summer, said Maddy, “we went camping in a big forest with giant trees. We went hiking and played hide and seek. We even built a giant teepee from sticks on the ground. Every night we had a campfire to make popcorn and marshmallow S’mores!

"But every once in a while, when the smoke went into Daddy’s face, Al was there with a big honk.”

“I’m sure your father appreciated the help,” Ms. Sharon added.

"He must have, because it kept happening all weekend. When we went on a hike. When we were splashing in the creek. Any time we were outside, Al was honking everywhere we went."

“We also went to the park with all of the flowers,” said Maddy.

“Do you mean the botanical gardens?” asked Ms. Sharon.

“Yeah, that place. I had never seen so many pretty flowers! Red ones. Blue ones. Pink and purple and orange and white ones! There are even flowers that eat bugs for breakfast. But when we stopped to smell the roses, Al made sure we knew he came too.”

All of the children giggled in disbelief.

"When Al let us know he was having fun, he scared all of the people inside the garden. Even some of the birds!"

“And last week, we even had an adventure in our front yard! With the pretty red and yellow leaves on the ground, our whole family raked them into a giant pile that was bigger than my head. Then we all took turns running and jumping into them!”

“Where was Al?”asked Ms. Sharon.

“Just as I was about to climb out of the pile, I was certain I heard him shouting for his turn.”

“Well, thank you for the interesting share, Maddy,” said Ms. Sharon. “I hope Al doesn’t cause you any trouble.”

“No, he just follows us around and quietly tells us when he’s having fun.”

The children giggled again.

“Okay class. Time for recess,” announced Ms. Sharon. And with that, the kids were up and off to the playground.

“That was some story,” said Maddy’s friend Isaac. “It sure beat my rock collection.”

“Thanks” said Maddy as she reached down to pick a dandelion. She took a big sniff, and.....

“Ahhh..Ahhh…AhhChoo!” she sneezed. She pulled a tissue out of her pocket to blow her nose, when she heard...


Maddy turned around, and there was Al, staring sheepishly up at her.

“AAAAllllllll! You scared me,” Maddy giggled. And with that she was off to go play tag with the other kids.