Other Life is the story of three teens: Darcy, Samuel, and Bailey; who live in a world of advanced technology that allows people to briefly "leave" their life and live out a different one. Every day the children of this world use a device that allows them to log into a program named Earth, which has a collection of many different scenarios to choose from to live out. The device connects with the brain of its user to make them believe that these other lives, and the dangers in them, are completely real; to give the user a more involved experience. The only way out of the device is by dying in the other life that is currently being lived through. Other Life explores a handful of the lives in the machine, as well as the mysterious man who created them.

In an age where technology can alter your brain into thinking you’re in a different place and time, that you’re in danger or in paradise, can you really trust that your thoughts and actions are your own? Darcy and Samuel don’t think so. Like the generations before them they’ve grown up using machines that connect with the brain to give them experiences they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten, but unlike past generations they begin to question the real intent behind these machines when they notice a strange second voice in their heads telling them what to do. Whether the two of them are going crazy or there really is a strange voice in their heads trying to control them one thing’s for sure, there’s something seriously wrong with these Other Life machines.