I have 12 followers for Other Life now, and it’s so exciting! Every time I see that I’ve gained a new follower it makes me incredibly happy, and I’d like to once again thank you so much for your support!

Now that there are a few more of you following my book I’ve decided that I’ll upload another snippet soon. Since the first teaser I posted was following Darcy, this next one will be following Samuel. This snippet will follow Samuel through one of his other lives; a life that the machine has titled Sacrifice.

I hope you all enjoy reading it once it’s posted!

Thank you all for showing interest in my book, I really appreciate every follow I get. It’s always been my dream to write a story and be able to share it with a wider audience than just my immediate group of friends, so I hope that this site will finally give me the opportunity to do that.

Other Life is actually nearly completed. It’s in the tweaking stage right now, and I have someone reading it over for me and giving me editing notes. I could set it up for pre-orders now, but I’m a little apprehensive about doing that just yet because this is the first book I am putting up and I am newer to the site. So I’ve decided I will wait a little while longer, until I have more people following the book.

A little fact about Other Life is that I originally wrote it as a book series with three separate books. But in the end I decided I could put them all into one book as separate parts without taking anything away from the story.
Each part follows a different character. The first part features Darcy’s point of view and her experiences inside and outside the other lives. The second part features Samuel in the same way, and the final part features Bailey.

I’m really excited to be going on this publishing adventure, and I hope to find more people who love these characters and their stories as much as I loved writing about them. :)