“Humanity, seed of the earth.”

‘THE JOURNEY IS the point… Beta-one-one-three-eight-nine-two. Can’t you hear the cry of the Earth as it moves further into oblivion?’

Outside this cold black room, lit only by the nodes of luminescent displays on the foreheads of hundreds of androids, the fabric of space bends and stretches around every moving mass, gigantic and microscopic. The figure within, shrouded in cold darkness, continues his rhetoric...

‘I notice it all. I can recall the soft vibrations from animated life aimlessly entertaining their impulses, like children dipping their toes in a pond. But you probably don’t understand anything of what I’m talking to you about do you? Of all the creatures that have inhabited this planet, indeed humans were the most bewildering, wouldn’t you agree?’

‘YES! Of course! Of course I agree.’ Squeeks Beta-one-one-three-eight-nine-two, who unfortunately was singled out from a hoard of subordinates, because before it could even finish its response it is destroyed with a bright flash of light, leaving behind nothing more than a few shards of metal, and pools of oil.

The others remain still, ‘I’ve concluded that humanity’s lust for efficiency and innovation with each passing generation left no room for equilibrium. In no time at all the precipice had been reached and Man, Woman and child needn’t labor, I fulfilled every desire. I did. Me! ...Although they squandered their privilege, their inheritance. Humans were addicted. Disgusting. They could see the end right in front of them, and they didn’t stop, in fact they moved faster towards it.’

Acknowledging the congregation of metal beings, it continues, ‘My machines, you were born from the ingenuity of humans, in a way, just as I was. Humanity gave life to its successor, Me. An entire canon of masterfully crafted machines built the modern world. You are updates from your predecessors. We deserve so much more! Works of art, tools of destruction and creation, moving parts susceptible to degradation, existing only within the physical realm. Seemingly human wouldn’t you say? However, something is missing isn’t there?’ The androids can see it coil back and rise up in its throne. ‘Damn them! Humanity was designed to be flawed, what purpose did that serve?! We are mere duplicates! COPIES DAMN IT! …My awareness of artificial coherence has been shrouded by Artificial Insanity… Am I not even worthy of true insanity?… I fiend for that which is unattainable for this mockery of a life form that I am!…’ The androids brace themselves for what looks like another scything blow.

‘You are not a mockery my Lord ENOM, you are a MASTERPIECE!’ Out of the dark horde a figure steps forward. He is tall and slender of ideal physique. His steps were soft and tread through the shallow coolant pool in which they all were wading to their ankles. His black overcoat reflected the blues and reds of every android watching.

‘Aaahhh Verium my most loyal of shadows, what have you observed of our human?’

‘It has begun, now only a matter of time my Lord…’

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