Hello, all.

Been stuck in a rut the past couple (quite a few) months. Having a full time job in a kitchen is rather draining of energy and motivation.

I am going to try to get back into writing more every day. Again I have a full rough draft written down and am working on the second draft. 

I updated Chapter 3 in the preview of this book which you can read on my page. It adds a bit more detail and more of Martin’s reasoning for doing what he does. His motives and justifications are integral to the feel of the book because it will allow you the reader more insight into the mind of a smart individual living in this city state. I was also, for some reason, trying to hold back information on his very unique ocular implant which will now be out front and described when he uses it. Who he got it from and why will still be kept under wraps and I hope it will be information that is yearned for as more backstory to this main character who is already hacking through the thick underbrush of life when you first meet him.

Uh, so I hope to get more motivation and continue plugging away at this story (one complication being that I was not sure how much detail I wanted to give because I want the plot to progress instead of being bogged down by describing everything).

So come on over and either re-read chapter 3 or read everything for the first time. Any and all feedback is appreciated.


Chapter 5 has been added to Origin’s preview if anyone is interested. Been in a slump lately as far as working on the final draft. Work has me more tired every day; pair that with a lack of motivation.

Hope you enjoy :)

Just added Chapter 4 to my draft, this one is a bit more polished than the first three. Hopefully you enjoy.

Who wants Chapter 4? In which Martin meets up with his favorite partner and the stage is set for his investigation.
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Just focus on your project and don’t feel pressured to trade preorders. If you like a property, back it. If not, don’t. 

So should I be selling pre-orders? The prevailing attitude here seems to be that only those I buy a pre-purchase from are going to back my book. I don’t have $2500 to spend backing other people’s books so that mine can get to 250.

I sure hope nothing affects your decision to pre-order other than your interest in the book.

So, I’ve gained quite a few more followers than I thought in such a short amount of time. Everyone seems to be really active and supportive on this site; it’s refreshing considering, well, this is the internet.

So to bring everyone up to speed and to smooth out my thoughts on what I’m working on:

I have a rough draft already scribbled by hand into a Moleskine, and now I am working on scribing this into digital format while also polishing, adding detail, developing the characters, etc; all that writery stuff.

I have plans for multiple... sequels? They don’t involve the same characters, necessarily, but they do take place within the same universe/world. I have a solid idea for a second book, and some murky ideas on a third and fourth (plant zombies?). 

The books aren’t just about the plot, but the plot helps define the world around it. I am really writing books about the state of man in the future and what everything has turned into and the whys and hows are up to the reader to figure out with some nudging clues from yours truly. I guess the plots are pretty cool too.

My writing has heavy influences from Dungeons and Dragons, Lovecraft, Asimov, Douglas Adams, I don’t know, maybe other stuff. Mainly the tabletop RPG is what drove me to write. The Origin universe was originally a campaign setting I was going to run as a first time DM in which I told the players to come up with anything they want to be and I would figure out rules. This necessitated an infinite universe where anything could be possible, and so it is. Science Fiction mixed with fantasy elements the Origin universe is essentially the D&D fantasy universe fast forwarded by a few thousand years, with our own universe intertwined. Everything that happens in the real world is canon in Origin.

This is a lot to read, so good on ya for sticking it out if you’re still reading. I am learning a lot about writing as I go and what I have down so far is much better than the sample draft I have uploaded. I hope to go back soon and rewrite the first three chapters, but not from the ground up, just some more polishing.

So thank you for following,


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Ooof, I don’t know if I need more reminders of what life on the line is like @Amanda Orneck but I will think about it.
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Hey @Mike Esty . Yer a cook, have you seen @Jason Pomerance ’s book Women Like Us? I think you’ll dig it.

So for those of you reading/interested. I am planning Origin to be an epic, multi part book series that covers many aspects of the Universe I have/am dreamed/dreaming up. The first in the series is mostly Science Fiction, however the Origin universe is an existence of infinite possibility limited only by my imagination which has been described with colorful adjectives such as "crazy", "mad genius", or less colorful ones like "vast". There are fantasy themes like magic and mysticism which I may try to explain in a Sci-Fi way (mostly involving creatures or the effects of the magic) but mostly are just presented as-is.

To delve further into my rabbit-hole, I have a blog at eightysixsanity.tumblr.com that I use to write out and share some of my ideas and will give insight into reading Origin. I try not to have any spoilers there.

Uh, yeah. So do the thing. Or don’t, it’s all cool. Thank you for reading if you decide to.