In an attempt to enter this pool of ferociously talented authors I have grown the courage to throw my hat in ring. My only escape growing up in a material world with no direction was to dive into the worlds of science fiction and fantasy. After taking some time out to study the art creative writing and developing my craft I found myself here and wishing your kind assistance to further my passion for sharing great tales.

What makes this story unique is the concept. The uniqueness being exploring untouchable subjects from multiple viewpoints. These obscure subjects are subdued mostly due to ridicule in the real world and kept for those who prefer to wear tin foil hats. All of this takes places on the modern stage. This is a story I would like to read.

I compare the writing style and influence from the likes of Neil Gaiman (The Graveyard Book, American Gods) in terms of mixing the real world with the surreal. I also take Ernest Cline (Ready Player One) into account with the ease of language used. The X-Files is big influence with its wild theories and attempts at breaking conspiracy and pushing disclosure.

Readers can help shape my draft by telling me how the story is panning out, the engagement of characters and how the the plot is paced. Feedback on dialoge and what is necessary to keep the flow going are all elements I desire to be on point.