The first of a six-part series, my novel is set in a world inspired by the fairytales of my six-year-old imagination and the romance of the Victorian era. It has been fascinating to see how my world evolved from my happy fairy-princess utopia to a place filled with secrets and conflicts as I mature.

Nine-almost-ten-year-old Ella Anastasia Coleman lives without parents, but with four aunts, four uncles, and eight close-knitted cousins. Once wealthy in the land of Fairora, they, among other Fairorians, were captured as slaves by the enemy, Carean Isle, when Ella was very young. After five years of forced servitude, Fairora seems only like a faint memory of a paradise that she used to live in. However, an opportunity arises and the Coleman family finds themselves in another world, but not the one they were captured from. Old attitudes and new friends collide as Carean Isle still looms in the background.

Hooked, yet? My series will tell a story of romances, betrayals, family ties, magic, and, most importantly, of a girl growing up.

Tidbits about Fairora:

The population is composed of three generations with different characteristics:

  • First Generation: A lot of these people have magical capabilities and were the first people to arrive. They have pale skin and either very light or very dark hair. Their place of origin is Scandinavia. This is the Generation that the Albright family (whom I’ll profile soon) hails from.

  • Second Generation: These are the Carean Islanders. They are independent from the other Generations and are somewhat shady in appearance, though whether that comes from their actual physical traits or their character is up to the imagination of the reader. Their Generation comes from the Southwestern Europe area.

  • Third Generation: Hailing from England, this Generation is the reason why the majority of Fairorians have a British accent. Unlike the other two Generations, their physical traits are more diverse. Their culture has the greatest influence over most of the places in the book. Ella and her family are a part of this Generation.

  • Outsiders: These are the people who arrived in-between Generations. There are no identifying features since they can come from anywhere in the world. Sometimes others might be wary of them because of that. The Carter sisters (whom I’ll also profile soon) arrived as outsiders.

There are three families that are featured in the story:

  • Coleman: This is the main family where most of the characters, including Ella, are from. They own the largest gem mine, making them one of the wealthiest families in the land and a close tie with the monarchy since gemstones are the currency.

  • Albright: Emmett comes from this family. Descendants of the First Generation, some members have magical abilities, though Emmett is not one of them. Because of his relations, some people are wary of him, despite his anything-but-evil personality.

  • Carter: They are outsiders from England. Like the Albright family, some people are wary of them because of their ideas from the outside world. There is Delilah, her younger sister, Julia, and their father. Their mother died long ago. The father still is very British, but the sisters are integrating themselves into Fairorian culture.