Kris Calvin's latest update for One Murder More

Oct 1, 2016

Does any author like to write  a synopsis??
I certainly don’t, but I need  one for my second Maren Kane  thriller.  Do you have comments/edits on the below draft?  Please be brutal!  I have no ego investment in  what I’ve written here. I think the idea behind a  synopsis is to keep it  short and easy to read, but to  include enough (hopefully) tantalizing details  to  make someone (you!)  want to read the book! Maybe  there are other goals? Thanks  for  any  thoughts/suggestions you might have. Kris

Under The Rainbow (Working Title) 

A Maren Kane Thriller 

Maren Kane is tired of the ugliness and stress of working in politics. She leaves her position as a lobbyist and partners with her sister-in-law to open a state-of-the-art preschool and childcare center just blocks from California’s capitol building in Sacramento. Given the location and Maren’s connections, the city’s elite line up to enroll their offspring. The governor is among the first, securing spots for his four-year old twin granddaughters. But when Maren’s best friend, Polly, is wounded in what appears to be an escalating gang war, Polly’s 15-year old son, Jake, goes missing with the Governor’s twins, and Maren’s beloved father, who she hasn’t seen since childhood, shows up Maren’s carefully-laid plans for a more peaceful life implode! With her dad in tow she sets out to find Jake, desperate to do so ahead of a government team who views Jake as a suspect and his life as expendable. Maren uncovers a murder and kidnapping plot linked to police and politicians, reeking of corruption and violence, and finds herself thrown back into a world she had vowed to escape, this time with potentially life-threatening consequences.