Celtic Lady’s Review
A fast-paced enjoyable read with a story that could very well be in the headlines…. The first book in what looks to be a great political series.
Criminal Element
One Murder More investigates the lengths to which some people will go in the pursuit of money and power, while never forgetting the human element of its large-hearted protagonist as she navigates the treacherous, even life-threatening terrain of state politics... a standout amongst political mysteries.
Book Reporter
Kris Calvin has spent time in politics, so she’s writing with inside knowledge, and it shows. It is clear that she knows her way around the halls of the capitol.... With Calvin’s imagination, she will certainly go far in her writing career.
Skin Deep Exposures Magazine
Kris Calvin's debut novel will captivate fans of murder mysteries and thrillers alike. With her natural ability to weave an intricate and intriguing storyline, she has established herself as an accomplished and talented addition to the world of murder and suspense.
I Love My Kindle
Kris Calvin, author of One Murder More, guest posts on I Love My Kindle.
Satellite Sisters
Author Lian Dolan talks to first time mystery writer Kris Calvin.
Thoughts from an Evil Overlord
The opening lines of Kris Calvin’s One Murder More provides the reader with a variety of possibilities when anticipating this debut mystery.
Femme Fatales
Kris [Calvin] spends her days steeped in politics (and her nights writing mysteries). So when she thinks of summertime, it's not umbrella drinks, strappy sandals, or sunblock that spring to mind...
Land of Books
Land of Books interviews One Murder More author, Kris Calvin.
Woman Around Town
“One Murder More is a political thriller with an edge… Author Kris Calvin has the background and know-how about politics, and will keep readers guessing with every page.”