Why do all the serious folks get to be in fantasy books? In my experience the folks who see the weirdest shit aren’t upstanding citizens. They’re the freak shows, artists, vagrants, drunks and druggies. People who get lost standing in their own bathrooms. This story is for all of us regular weirdos.

We’ve got Jesus as the drunken Private Eye. The Rat out of Hell, a pudgy punk rock Peter Parker. Diane Ellroy III, a young woman who answers the questions: What if a noir detective really got as wasted as they claim? What if she was a chick who flipped the tables and slapped the men around? And Buttons the Dumb Pirate, a crack smoking corsair with a big heart and zero moral compass.

While those guys get settled in Baltimore’s Supernatural underbelly, we set the stage for civil war between harpies and knights. Alien invasion looms. I need a cocktail just thinking about it.

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