Twenty years on from the dissolution of the ancestral monarchy and the bitter civil war that followed in its wake, the nation of Nahol lies peaceful, the white stone city of Anahor prosperous and proud as the country’s seat of power.

However tensions simmer beneath the surface. Border nations watch for signs of weakness while those loyal to the old throne yearn for the return of the glorious kings of yore. And all the while, a monstrous warlord seeks to revisit centuries of atrocities against his race upon those responsible.

But while mortals vie for pride and power, the magics that comprise the very world of Enai begin to stir, and powers as old as time itself will join the fray.

Heroes will rise, and they will fall. Of blood and bone. Of oak and stone.



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Chapter Three

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Chapter Five

About the author

My name is Sam Fellows. I’m an aspiring UK-based author, when I find a moment between raising my newborn daughter, practicing law and writing and playing D&D!

I’ve been a fan of all things fantastical from a young age. The first seed was planted by the animated movie The Flight of Dragons, which was played near enough on repeat throughout my youth. It had a great mix of classic fantasy tropes – the gallant knight, the evil wizard, the terrifying ogre, even the talking canine sidekick – and the seed sprouted, nay, blossomed in the fertile soil of my young imagination. I was hooked.

I devoured series of fantasy literature like a starving man, from Jacques, Tolkien and Pullman in my younger years to Nix and Hobb as a teenager. It was inevitable, really, that as a young adult I would discover the really meaty stuff – the bloated, itinerant, magnificent epics of Robert Jordan and Steven Erikson that consumed so many hours of my life and now so prominently inspire my own work.

My elder brother and I first started developing the world of Enai around the turn of the millennium. Originally, as teenage boys are wont to do, we planned for our creation to take shape in the form of videogames. However as we grew older and, perhaps, wiser, we realised there was no need to be held back by our lack of coding ability or funding, as we had everything we needed to bring our world to life in our own minds. And so, I began to write the first Book of Enai.

About the world

Enai is a classical world of epic fantasy. Verdant grasslands and forests give way to jagged mountainscapes and arid deserts inhabited by creatures of myth and fable; clifftop cities of white stone radiate the memory of legendary battles won and lost and deeds of epic heroism; civilisations of races both familiar and more exotic rise and fall throughout the world, and the breath of their ancestry stirs the dust in which their descendants build anew.

Enai is a world of rich history and deep magic forged with blood and sweat, each of its denizens linked by the six Domains – the basic, elemental energies that comprise everything both living and not.

About the book

Oak and Stone is the first in a planned trilogy (or quadrilogy) of epic fantasy novels set in Enai. It begins in the aftermath of a civil war, as several factions threaten to shatter the ostensible peace, and the Domains themselves begin to stir.

I plan to submit several excerpts over the coming weeks, sampled from the chapters I have already written. Feedback and critiques are warmly welcomed. Above all, though, I truly hope you enjoy reading my brainchild!