Alyssa Hogan
I love how much the environment is described. And always promising.
Chrissy Cook
As soon as I saw Erikson listed as inspiration, I had to check this work out. It certainly appears to be shaping up to be epic fantasy in this tradition. There is an emphasis on description and plot as experienced by the characters that is present in these high, epic fantasy novels. That said, there are also some elements of Guy Gavriel Kay as well in the perspective switches mid-chapter and use of otherwise 'unimportant' characters to get an atmosphere or plot point across. Since all of these are authors I greatly enjoy, I have only good things to say about this promising beginning, and look forward to reading more!
John Dennehy
Fellows is a master storyteller. His prose transports us to a world that is foreign enough for it to be fantasy but real enough for the reader to draw many parallels with events happening in our own world.
Eliza Stopps
The first chapter is written so gracefully it feels like poetry. I love the world of Enai and the rich history that comes with it. I'm certain you will too.
Stephen Carignan
Oak and Stone: A Book of Enai brings to life a fully realized world complete with its own history, complex characters, and a timeline fraught with tension both political and personal. I found the Prologue combine with the first chapter to encapsulate the tone of the work to not only let you know the author is present, but providing the reader with the lexicon of a new culture. I look forward to seeing this in print.
Jesse Swinson
Same does a great job of immersing us in a world that will seem both familiar and exotic. With a wide array of characters and a story that keeps you wanting more, it's a must read! Check it out!