This is a story about an ex-hacker who has since gone straight. In his youth he wanted to change the world by being the a modern day Robin Hood. He stole money from a major bank, and decided to give away that money to various charities. When he got caught, he made a plea deal with Scotland Yard in exchange to where he placed the money. In the years that followed, our hero has gone straight. Working as a freelance coder in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has given up his criminal ways in exchange for an honest living.

Fate has a different plan for our hero, when he develops an application that has implications for a struggling research team at NASA. His distrust and fear of anything attached to the government makes him fearful of his involvement, but soon discovers that being a regular guy won’t help change the world.


I love to write about struggling characters with a cause. The ones that aren’t driven by money, but by benevolence. The kinda of characters who have a desire to change the world, but just need a kick in the pants to find their path.

I have spent 20 years in the IT industry, and I want the universe that I write about take advantage of the Computer Science fundamentals that I learned in college. The application I mention in this story takes into account the Data Structures course I took while doing my undergraduate studies. The idea for an adaptive sorting algorithm sounded pretty cool. I imagine these types of applications exist.

I have also been fascinated by future propulsion systems, and the possibility of warp drive and the ’impossible engine’. Both types of concepts have recently been in the news, and hopefully in my lifetime, I’ll get to see something innovative come about in space exploration.