Looks like refunds have *finally* gone out. Sorry for the delay and thanks, once again, for your support of and belief in my project. And thanks for your patience in receiving your refund. If I get any closer to making this book happen, I will be sure to let you all know. Thanks! -AT

Hey everyone-

I just wanted to follow up my previous message with some updated info regarding refunds. On the Inkshares FAQ page it said that "refunds will be made immediately if the project doesn’t meet its goal." Well, turns out that’s not exactly the case. I contacted them and they said "refunds will go out [this] week and once processed, they clear in backers’ bank account within 5 business days." So, you probably won’t see the money in your account for a couple weeks. Thanks for your patience with this and thanks again for your support and belief in my project. It means a lot to me. 


An update for you all. First, I want to thank you for your leap of faith in supporting my proposed new Brewtal Truth book. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet my pre-sale goal, so "Nothing But the Brewtal Truth" will not be published by Inkshares. From what I understand, you should have received a refund of your pre-sale purchase by now. I am confirming that that is the case and will ensure that everyone who made a purchase gets a refund. As for what’s next, I am continuing to try to find a publisher and have had some encouraging feedback in my efforts, but no deal is in place yet. I’ll keep you posted! Cheers, Adem