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A nonfiction anthology about food, life and everything in between

Like food itself, these essays in NOMFICTION are comforting and challenging. They are also, by turns, scrumptious and gruesome and sad and queasy-making. They show us the many different things that sustain us in addition to food—love and hope and joy and anger and sometimes even grief. Each essay, in its way, is a reminder of what it means to be alive.

Featured in the anthology:

David Burga, geologist and writer; Jane Campbell, Vancouver-based writer, just finished her debut memoir; Rosa Campbell, writer and editor who just finished her first novel; Maggie Downs, writer, photographer, adventurer; Rebeca Dunn-Krahn, travel and food writer; Deb Fleischman, Vermont-based writer, editor, and teacher; Brianna Goldberg, co-editor of EAT IT, an anthology about food, sex and women’s writing; Alisa Gordaneer, author of Still Hungry (Signature Editions); dee Hobsbawn-Smith, author of What Can’t Be Undone (Thistledown Press); Madeleine Leznoff, Toronto-based writer; Cindy Matthews, fiction and nonfiction writer; Lauren Razavi, food and travel writer, columnist for The Guardian; Robyn Ryle, writer and sociologist, chapbook forthcoming from WhiskeyPaper; Vivek Shraya, author of She of the Mountains (Arsenal Pulp Press); Teri Vlassopoulos, author of Escape Plans (forthcoming from Invisible Press); Tanya Ward, Toronto-based writer currently working on her first collection.

Read the essays:

"Arancini" by Deb Fleischman

"Catfish" by Brianna Goldberg

"Feed the Birds" by Vivek Shraya

"Discomfort Food" by Maggie Downs

"Messy" by Teri Vlassopoulos

"Fat Free" by Jane Campbell

"Nil By Mouth" by Alisa Gordaneer

"How To Preserve Food For The Winter" by Robyn Ryle

"Pomegranates" by Lauren Razavi

"And The Spoon Ran Away With The Trash" by Tanya R. Ward

"The Dinner Party" by David Burga

This print version will also contain essays by Jessica Kluthe, author of Rosina, The Midwife (Brindle & Glass), and Angela Palm, author of Riverine (forthcoming from Graywolf Press).