A group of young adults discover that time and our perception of it is not as it seems. With the help of Eric’s father, an Astrophysics professor working with the Government on top secret tech, a group of 5 young adults discover that there are actually 8 “days” in a standard week, with Tuesday happening twice in a row without anyones knowledge. When wearing the special tech developed by his father, anyone who wears the aura-watch is able to experience and remember the events that happen on Negative Tuesday, granting the wearer 24-hours worth of knowledge of people and events throughout the world. When Eric’s father mysteriously turns up dead and the Government chasing them down for the tech, the group leads a mysterious team of black suited mercs in a chase throughout New York City, trying to stay safe and keep the technology out of the government’s hands.

Soon they start to discover who they really are deep down inside. Will they use the knowledge for good, or will they be overcome with the power it grants them. The book begs the read to answer the question: what would you do for 24-hours, if everything you did had zero consequences?