Moving Day

I had just got hired on as a live-in nanny, the job seemed perfect. It was in New York and as a writer, I had always fantasized about living there. I was going to be working for a single mom with two kids who were going to be paying me sixty thousand a year. The women, my new boss bought me a one-way ticket from Texas to New York. Which was great because I was broke and had no money to buy a plane ticket and that would have been embarrassing having to tell her that.

I was in my room packing what I could bring with me on the airplane, my parents said that they would ship me the rest of my stuff to only worry about packing the essentials. I know it was going to be cold in New York so I made sure to pack warm clothes and put a heavy coat in my carry on, I don’t want to have problems finding it once I land. I have done that before and had to walk out of the airport into the freezing cold with a short sleeve shirt on. I had filled my small carry on suitcase with long sleeve shirts, pants, sweaters, brush, makeup and my straightener.

I still had my large suitcase and backpack to fit things into and I was going to stuff as much as I could. My parents say that they will ship my boxes right away but they are both procrastinators so there is really no telling when they will arrive in New York. I packed a couple pairs of shoes and filled the rest of the suitcase with as many clothes as I could. My parents were so proud of me getting this great job right out of high school, I have always loved babysitting but didn’t realize how much you could make as a live-in nanny until someone told me of this website

I had expected to find a family here in Texas to work for until I got a message in my inbox from a single mom in New York begging me to come and work for her. Apparently, she has had a hard time keeping nannies around. She went on to tell me how the nannies thought her house was haunted and could not live there. She said that it’s just an old house and has old house sounds. I told her not to worry about me that I don’t believe in the paranormal. We had been messaging each other back and forth for a couple weeks trying to get to know each other better before I moved in to help her take care of her children.