A cozy mystery, Mystery at the Reunion is book 4 of the Jean Hays series.

Jean is retired and living in a small town in central Arizona. A retired Air Force project manager, she has made good friends in her new town and the dead body she’s found in the Las Vegas hotel is her forth body.

The previous books have mentioned her ex-husband Dwight, but this is the first time readers have met him. Like all divorcees, there is a lot of baggage being dragged along, for both of them.

We also get to know more about Jean’s time in the Air Force. Specifically, her time in Afghanistan.

Through it all, we get to know more about Jean and Dwight and how they both handle the stress of things going completely wrong.

I always think of this series as a modern Murder She Wrote. Jean’s time in the Air Force and her career in project management make her very logical. A great trait when putting together random facts. In this story, instead of her best friend, Karen, she’s putting the clues together with her ex.

Readers can help with comments in these raw, draft chapters. What works for you? What doesn’t? Any facts wrong? (I spent a lot of time with Google maps, and memories of my own trips to Vegas.) Some things have been changed or created, to move the story along. No offence is meant to Las Vegas, the Vegas Police Department, or the Nevada Forest Service.

I hope you enjoy the story.