Table of Contents

Part I: Hiding
Dreaming Big
Skating Away
Staying Despite Leaving
Following Fit
Siblings and Such
Framing a Future

Part II: Chasing
Banding Baldies
Illegal Eagles
Seeking Refuge
Presence Lost
Lone Woman in White
Green with Envy
Collaring the Wild
Courting Bull Elk
Counting Sheep
Owls in the Outhouse
The Sage Grouse Strut
Birds in a Bar
A Century Outside
Underestimating the Mighty
Feeding the Fire
Standard Issue Struggle
Snorkeling for Salmon
Let It Flow
Where the Goats Go
Groping a Grizzly
Groping a Grizzly Again
Unfinished Business

Part III: Finding
Between Boys
Beauty Is a Beast
Mom in the Middle
The Wading Game
Dirt Road Dance Floor
Working on When

Next Chapter: Counting Sheep