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As a young girl, Kris Millgate was afraid of everything and everyone, especially strangers with beards. She grew up hiking Utah’s Wasatch Mountains with her father—endless wanders through peppercorn speckled granite crawling up one canyon and red-brown blend spilling down another. Every trek was a lesson in endurance and persistence, two traits that propelled her journey as a trailblazing outdoor journalist. Through her career as a voice for natural resources, she spends countless days in the uncomfortable, challenging—and at times, unbearable—wilderness, learning to overcome all that holds her back.

In her memoir, Millgate offers an authoritative and balanced look at history-making environmental news stories while lending emotional insight into an industry dominated by men in a time when the shift toward outdoor exploration for all is catching fire. My Place Among Men is the story of how one young woman, brought up in the schoolhouse of the wild, becomes an ultimate force to be reckoned with—a mother, a wife, a journalist whose work leads her to the ultimate discovery: finding her place among men is truly about finding her place in the wild.

My Place Among Men is a non-fiction memoir with 34 completed chapters ranging from 500 words to 2,500 totaling approximately 50,000 words.

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