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Another round of edits for ’My Place Among Men’ is off to the editor this week. Turns out, being grounded to the couch with a broken leg is productive. I added 10 new chapters and improved current chapters pushing the book to nearly 45,000 words. 

One of the 10 new chapters, Counting Sheep, is posted in the ’Read’ section of our project page here: https://www.inkshares.com/books/my-place-among-men-0699d4

Happy New Year!

Your wordsmith,
Kris Millgate

Hi page pals-

Round two of ’My Place Among Men’ is out the door. 

I took all chapter titles, dumped them on the floor and scrambled the pile. Freaked me out a bit, but I had down time for shoulder surgery so I sorted. When both arms started working a few weeks later, I still couldn’t haul camera equipment but I could write so that’s what I did. Day and night.  

My Inkshares editor wants more ’I’ perspective in this book. He’s asking for my childhood and my failures. Both make me squirm, but both are now in the book. 

I moved, dropped and added chapters including this one: The Wading Game. It’s posted in the ’Read’ section of our project page here:  https://www.inkshares.com/books/my-place-among-men-0699d4

Please give it a read and let me know what you think. I’m sure my Inkshares editor will let me know what he thinks too.

Your wordsmith,
Kris Millgate

Hi book backers-

Just heard from my Inkshares editor. He poked holes in my pages. My chapters are interesting, but too newsie for a novel. I need to write with less news and more ’I’. Big ask for a journalist conditioned to omit ’I’, but we’ll get there. Getting to published page can take two years. We are only three months in. The book process is going to take all the patience we can muster. I’ll start putting pages back together again. I’m open to any insert-more-I-here suggestions you have. 

Your wordsmith,
Kris Millgate

Here we go! The outdoor book you helped launch by pre-ordering 750 copies is leaving my office. Every chapter of ’My Place Among Men’ goes to Inkshares today! Publish date coming soon. -Kris Millgate

’My Place Among Men’ is Inkshares​ #1 Best selling short story collection! All because of you, my preorder crowdfunders. Thank you.

Finishing touches added to outdoor chapters now based on feedback you sent me during preorder campaign. Orders continue to come in and there’s no quantity limit now so shops are buying their copies too. Feel free to spread the word. 

Here’s the order link: https://www.inkshares.com/books/my-place-among-men-0699d4

Whole manuscript goes to editor by end of May.

Moving right along!

Batten003 web400px Robert Batten · Author · added 9 months ago
Congratulations Kris!! 

751 copies!!!!!!!!!! We are there and I wish you were here. It’s poor man’s cake in our pajamas at this house tonight. My little family gets their mom back...at least until the editor calls for my chapters.  This book is printing because of you my crowdfunding friends. Thank you sincerely. - Kris

Hello fellow bookworms! The crowdfunding crusade continues in nail biting fashion. Just passed 650! Need 750 by Monday. I know you all see this udpate because you’ve already preordered a copy or copies. Requested interviews I did for TV and radio stories are live today and the needle is moving, but my heart is racing faster than the tally. It’s severely crunch time. If you know someone sitting on the fence watching, please push them over to preorder side or pick up an extra copy to gift to someone else. Thank you for your support.    -- Kris

476 of 750. 12 days to go. My son says, "Easy. You got this. You’re mom." He’s not sweating, but I sure am. ’My Place Among Men’ only prints if it earns 750 pre-orders by April 30. Thank you for following this crowdfunding crusade. Thank you for pre-ordering. Thank you for telling your friends to pre-order...and their friends too. And their neighbors, kids, relatives and co-workers. On we go! -Kris

430 of 750! Last night’s ’Stories from the Wild’ film fest event in Idaho Falls with Teton Regional Land Trust was a hit. Hundreds of people, plenty of laughs and our biggest pre-order day of this crowdfunding process. 19 days to go. Thank you for sharing the wild ride with me. -Kris

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