Hello my bookworm buddies-

I’m contacting you today because of your interest in my first book My Place Among Men. I’m publishing a sequel. 

I followed salmon migration from the Oregon coast to the Idaho wilderness last summer. Everything that happened in front of the camera  is in the film, Ocean to Idaho. It premieres in August. Everything that happened behind the camera while I lived and worked solo on the road during the pandemic is going in the book, My Place Among Fish. It publishes in August. Copies available for pre-order now here: https://www.tightlinemedia.com/shop/

Online and in-person events are in planning stage now so watch for more details as the schedule is released here: https://www.tightlinemedia.com/oceantoidaho/

My Place Among Fish is the sequel to my first book, My Place Among Men, published in 2019. I wrote my first book while mending a broken leg. I said I’d never write another book if it meant breaking another leg. The good news is I didn’t break a leg for the sequel. I lost a body part instead. Yes, I was surprised too.

Publishing a book and premiering a film in the same summer is a unique challenge, but it feels easier than following fish 850 miles through four rivers across three states with stitches, bruises and a broken camera. May these two major works, the book and the film, do the unbelievable journey justice as the Pacific Northwest grapples with how to save salmon from extinction.

I appreciate your support of my journalistic efforts to document the challenges wildlife encounters while trying to make its way with us in the way. 

Take care
Kris Millgate
Tight Line Media

Portrait 21 dave Dave Barrett · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
Enjoyed reading your book, Kris. Congratulations on it :)
Km2019 Kris Millgate · Reader · added almost 2 years ago
We have pages!
I finally held my own copy of ’My Place Among Men’ over the weekend. Many of you did too. All the photos and messages you’re sending me about our book are soooo fun to see. 

I admit revealing my secrets to the world is awkward, but we roll with it now. Crack the cover and snoop around. Talk about it all you want. That’s what makes books move. You’re welcome to post reviews on Amazon and other selling outlets too. 

The e-book releases Aug 6, on our official publish date. First book signing is Aug 7 in Idaho Falls. If you’re nearby, let’s visit. I’ll be signing and selling copies. My home state, Idaho, has first dibs on August events then we’ll see where these pages take us. 

Your wordsmith,
Kris Millgate

August book tour stops:

Aug. 7 6p-8p
Great Harvest Bakery (hosted by Teton Regional Land Trust)
360 A Street
Idaho Falls, Idaho
10% of proceeds donated to Teton Regional Land Trust

Aug. 10 1p-3p
Bill’s Bike & Run 
930 Pier View Drive
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Aug. 17 10a-noon
Jimmy’s All Season Anglers
275 A Street
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Aug. 24 11a-2p
Barnes & Noble
Grand Teton Mall
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Aug. 27 7p
Rediscovered Bookshop
180 N. 8th Street
Boise, Idaho

Aug. 28 7p
REI, Inc.
8300 W. Emerald Street
Boise, Idaho

Aug. 31 noon-2p
Henry’s Fork Anglers
3340 Hwy 20
Island Park, Idaho

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Signing 768 books in San Francisco last week was neat, but this week is even better because of you. Many of you are sending me ’excited’ messages when you receive notice of your book order shipping. This makes me so happy. It means we’ve finally gone from pushing this crazy train up the mountain to racing down the slope in hang-on mode. 

We officially publish Aug. 6, but based on how many messages I’ve received from you my backers, I bet you have your book before then.  

I’m about to spill the tea on my own secrets. I’m bravely scared at this point, but here we go! 

Thanks for sharing the excitement.

Your wordsmith
Kris Millgate

Hello to my favorite book backers- 

This week we hit 800 copies sold!

Sales usually go pretty quiet once pre-order campaign closes, but we’ve garnered a few orders in recent weeks as we ramp up to our official release of ’My Place Among Men’ August 6. All books ordered through July 20 will be signed by me before they ship to you. I may have to tape a pen to my fingers for the signature marathon. Happy to do that. 

A few of you are asking about address changes so here’s the how-to for all of you. If you’ve moved since you ordered ’My Place Among Men’ please update your address by July 20.
Login in to your Inkshares account
Click your icon in the top right corner
Choose ’Profile’
Click ’Account’
Choose ’Address’
Click ’Change Address’

We have a few more publishing steps during final design phase then we hit the presses. Thanks for your patience and your support through this whole book ordeal. 

Your wordsmith,
Kris Millgate
Tight Line Media

Hello book backers- 

We have a date...(drumroll)... ’My Place Among Men’ publishes August 6!

One year ago today, you helped me meet our Inkshares pre-order goal of 750 copies sold. You kept your end of the deal. Now I’m keeping mine. 50,000 words, photos and a new cover will be in your hands in August. We’re also printing plenty more than 750 for everyone else who wants to order copies now.

Check out our new cover here: 

Thank you for supporting my misadventures in the wild.

Your wordsmith,
Kris Millgate 

Userphoto5 original samuel e caldwell · Reader · added over 2 years ago
Great to hear, Kris. Look forward to reading the final work.  

Hey book backers- 

The list of chapters in our final manuscript is now set. ’My Place Among Men’ grew from 15,000 words last spring to 50,000 words this spring. Heckuva growth spurt. All of those words are sandwiched in 34 chapters that are divided into three parts. Part I, Hiding, is about me growing up. Part II, Chasing, is me as a reporter. Part III, Finding, is me as a mom. That sounds like a lot of "me" but don’t worry, all three parts still put outside inside a book.

The final list of chapters is posted as ’Table of Contents’ in the read section of our project here: https://www.inkshares.com/books/my-place-among-men-0699d4

Sneak peak of final cover coming soon.

Your wordsmith,
Kris Millgate
Tight Line Media

Km2019 Kris Millgate · Reader · added over 2 years ago

Another round of edits for ’My Place Among Men’ is off to the editor this week. Turns out, being grounded to the couch with a broken leg is productive. I added 10 new chapters and improved current chapters pushing the book to nearly 45,000 words. 

One of the 10 new chapters, Counting Sheep, is posted in the ’Read’ section of our project page here: https://www.inkshares.com/books/my-place-among-men-0699d4

Happy New Year!

Your wordsmith,
Kris Millgate

Hi page pals-

Round two of ’My Place Among Men’ is out the door. 

I took all chapter titles, dumped them on the floor and scrambled the pile. Freaked me out a bit, but I had down time for shoulder surgery so I sorted. When both arms started working a few weeks later, I still couldn’t haul camera equipment but I could write so that’s what I did. Day and night.  

My Inkshares editor wants more ’I’ perspective in this book. He’s asking for my childhood and my failures. Both make me squirm, but both are now in the book. 

I moved, dropped and added chapters including this one: The Wading Game. It’s posted in the ’Read’ section of our project page here:  https://www.inkshares.com/books/my-place-among-men-0699d4

Please give it a read and let me know what you think. I’m sure my Inkshares editor will let me know what he thinks too.

Your wordsmith,
Kris Millgate

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