Reader Writer
Kris Millgate is a asset to journalism. A constant professional with high standards and a joy to be around. Her love for the outdoors is reflected in her work. Kris never gives up and never backs down!
Douglas Swanson
Reading this made me feel like I was sitting next to this Grizzly. Intense and fun to read. 
Robert Batten
My Place Among Men is a fascinating look behind the scenes. Millgate's writing is engaging, amusing, informative, and packed with stunning anecdotes.
Tyler L Stockton
Love love love love it. Keep the stories coming, Kris!
Karen Loke
Wonderful excerpt, Kris! I felt every inch of your climb to goat mountain.
Ray Oleson
The chapter begins with a crime—the authors bike is being stolen right from under her. What’s worse, he pushes her off her scooter at a trade show in front of all her colleagues and she.....she who is helpless because of a broken leg, is left to ignobioisly watch him as she lies alone on the ground. 
That this event is but a dream nonetheless places the reader smack middle in the heart and psyche of the author who has dealt with this injury and the worries and fears that accompany it. I’m counting the days until the full book comes out. 
Karen Loke
Nice job Kris! I never stop thinking of my own son and our adventures outdoors when I read your stuff. Thanks for the memories and beautifully written!
Bruce Reichert
Very Nice, Kris! Fun to read!
Leo Valiquette
Crisp, tight writing and a strong voice puts you right there in the bushes alongside Kris Millgate. Her passion and wit shines through in every adventure.
Amanda Kane
Wow! You totally hooked me in the elevator. Then the listening, epic. Get well, there’s some big fishes and epic adventures waiting in the gulf. Capt. Ryan