Reader Writer
Kris Millgate is a asset to journalism. A constant professional with high standards and a joy to be around. Her love for the outdoors is reflected in her work. Kris never gives up and never backs down!
Douglas Swanson
Reading this made me feel like I was sitting next to this Grizzly. Intense and fun to read. 
Robert Batten
My Place Among Men is a fascinating look behind the scenes. Millgate's writing is engaging, amusing, informative, and packed with stunning anecdotes.
Tyler L Stockton
Love love love love it. Keep the stories coming, Kris!
Karen Loke
Wonderful excerpt, Kris! I felt every inch of your climb to goat mountain.
Karen Loke
Nice job Kris! I never stop thinking of my own son and our adventures outdoors when I read your stuff. Thanks for the memories and beautifully written!
Bruce Reichert
Very Nice, Kris! Fun to read!