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Patricia “Anchovy” Finnigan was just about ready to give up on being a professional adventurer with the Panzerotti Group, but the thrill of being the first to discover the Lost Jewels of Tu’ji’qutani was too strong. Prestige, treasure, a cursed cave? It ticked off every box on Anchovy’s list of requirements for an exciting job.

Then she met Vladimir "Mushroom" Kalkov. A former secret service member with a twisty moustache, just enough risk-taking to make him interesting, and a flair for always looking put together, Mushroom was Anchovy’s adventuring match.

When a fellow agent is murdered, the fun stops, and the real work begins. Mushroom and Anchovy must learn to work together if they’re going to find treasure AND solve murders. Especially since anything can happen in a cursed cave…

Spanning three separate stories, Mushroom and Anchovy is an adventure in every sense, and follows these two professionals as they work in a chaotic steampunk world where magic is untamed and time travel is just a train ride away.


Mushroom and Anchovy was written during an escapism-heavy period of my life. It started off as something completely silly, then evolved into something much bigger. It still remained silly, though. It will always be silly.

Mushroom and Anchovy is, primarily, a collection of three stories spanning the lives of these two adventurers. Themes of unwavering friendship, pursuing goals, and breaking down stereotypes are throughout.

The stories also feature journeys to: an accursed mountain, a forest filled with strange pocket dimensions, and Hell itself. Along the way, hearts will be broken--and so will the fourth wall.


K. M. Cooper is a creative director and self-professed Jacqueline-of-all-trades who specializes in fiction writing and world building. Her first book, Hub City Survival, is a zombie horror novella based in her hometown of Moncton, NB. She currently resides there with her husband--actor Brad Butland--daughter Amelia, and two very distracting cats.


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