A drug ring. A murder. Her family being framed.

This time, curiosity kills more than a cat. Lexie Murphy’s nosy streak ruins her family vacation when it leads her to spy on a suspicious guest. Her snooping around the resort catapults her entire family into the line of fire when she uncovers a drug ring’s operation.

Her family is terrorized because she can’t mind her own business. To make matters worse, Murphy’s Law haunts them like a curse at every turn. The suspicious guest she spies on turns up dead. When threats don’t deter the Murphys from pursuing the truth, someone tries to frame them for the murder.

As the noose tightens, Lexie and her family are forced to face choices no one wants to make: skirt the law for the sake of self-preservation...or risk their lives for their integrity and good (possibly cursed) name.

If you like the zany humor of the Stephanie Plum series, the twists and thrills of Riverdale, and the family-driven heart of Home Alone, then you’ll find the first full-length installment of Chelsea Moye’s Murphy Family Mysteries series hysterically addictive.

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Freebie #1: Murphy’s Law of Action - A Murphy Family Mystery Short

At the tender age of 16, Lexie Murphy learns the hard way that it sucks life doesn’t come with trigger warnings. The mystery-addicted insomniac is an unapologetic snoop. She’s always eavesdropping and spying on neighbors while she aspires to a life somewhere between two of her literary idols: Nancy Drew and Stephanie Plum. Her amateur sleuthing takes a dark turn over Fourth of July weekend when she witnesses a gruesome act being committed in the neighbor’s recently vacated house.

She alerts the local police department, expecting appreciation for her investigative initiative. Instead, the local police make their disapproval very clear by scolding her and shutting her out of the investigation. Apparently, the real world is no place for amateur sleuths.

Incensed and thirsty for true justice, Lexie takes her crusade to the internet and shares what the police can’t or won’t in her anonymous Nosy Girl blog. She researches relentlessly and posts her findings in the hope that truth and justice will win the day. Will she take her fixation on justice too far? Can she make a real difference as a keyboard crusader?

This freebie is ready to send to you as soon as you decide to become a reader! Please note that

Murphy’s Law of Action ended up being a lot darker than I initially intended it to be, so much so that I’ve seen fit to include trigger warnings. It was partially inspired by the Brock Turner situation, and partially inspired by research into bullying and criminal behavior, and suicide awareness research. It’s unfortunate that real life doesn’t come with trigger warnings, and it kills me that I can’t correct the injustice and indignity some young women have experienced with a few strokes of my keyboard. I’m hoping to come up with a secondary, more lighthearted freebie for the MLotJ supporters when we get a little closer to reaching the 250 pre-order minimum.