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Originally titled: Murder Happens, been trying on new titles (on the advice of an astute editor who shares the same initials).

This is Dr. Karl’s story. He’s a brilliant and cynical therapist with radical notions that get him entangled in his patients unwholesome proclivities…

…while he dreams of hammering his beautiful wife to death with a claw hammer.

The story was originally conceived as a mash-up project with a unique story rendered as a graphic novel within the novel. The graphic novel would work as a stand-alone piece and drive the plot of the bigger story.

Maybe it was a bad idea, but a Kickstarter project was started, and funded, to pay the illustrator. Alas, she turned into a zombie. Too bad. She was a kick-ass illustrator. Now all she wants to do is sketch with brains.

The project wasn’t completed. The Kickstarter pledges were fulfilled with another book titled Fresh Cuts, the Breaking Volume (available in Kindle and print on Amazon). I’m not a chiseler. The book was well received. The reviews are full of words like twisted, demented, hilarious and delightfully perverse.

The first draft of the Murder Happens novel was completed. Like all first drafts, it needed work. But without the finished illustrations, it languished and other stories moved into the vacuum.

So, what the heck’s going on here, then?

Here’s my pitch.

What if, with your help dear reader, we rewrite the graphic novel to flesh out the novel? How hard could it be? It’s already in storyboard format except for the unfinished parts.

I provide the revised manuscript versions. You read them with melon baller in hand to scoop out my bitter heart with your honest and unabashed critique. Salt it and eat it if you have a taste for bitter heart. I am not afraid because together, with your reviews, we can make this happen.

One final thing.

We need a comma killer, because I will comma a story, to death. Raise your hand, comma killer. I know you’re out there. We will have a special relationship.