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It’s 1924, and Eric Peterkin is comfortably established as a member of the Veterans’ Club. It’s a family tradition, and an honour he’s not sure he quite deserves. When a gentlemen’s wager ends with one man dead in the vault under the club, Eric is only too ready to tackle the mystery head on.

The quest takes him from a dilapidated former hospital to a six-year-old disappearance, and on to the secrets of the club’s governing board of officers. Threatened with expulsion and dogged by the shadows of other people’s pasts, Eric presses on nonetheless. But can he snare the killer before his own membership becomes a thing of yesterday?

  1. Prologue
  2. Chapter One: Introducing Eric Peterkin
  3. Chapter Two: Patrick Benson’s Wager
  4. Chapter Three: The Murder

Eric Peterkin is the hero of the story: an idealistic young man who, as the story begins, feels a little ashamed at not having proven himself on the battlefields of Flanders. He’s unaware of the full price some of his peers have had to pay, and are still paying, for that proof. He dreams of being a knight in shining armour; though it’s a little late in history to go questing for the holy grail, it’s not too late to go questing for the truth ... and maybe that’s the same thing in the end.

My name is Christopher Huang. I grew up in Singapore and moved to Canada when I was 17. I returned to Singapore the following year for two years of military service, before going to McGill University in Montreal to study Architecture. I still live in Montreal; these days, I’m pursuing the dream of writing full-time.

I’m a longtime fan of the "golden age" of detective fiction, and the principles of fair play governing the genre, as described by Ronald Knox in his decalogue. As Ellery Queen observed, the primary attraction of detective fiction is that the reader should be able to solve the mystery themselves from the given clues, prior to the grand denouement.

I have a blog.

I may be contacted at christopher.huang (at) mail.mcgill.ca.

The manuscript was submitted to Inkshares on 09 January 2017, and is now waiting its turn in the production queue. According to this post on production timelines, it could be 12 to 18 months before the book is finally launched. This, despite my prior estimate of November 2017, puts the launch at some point between January and June of 2018.

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The book cover design is by Marco Innocenti (kidstudio.it).