Christopher Huang's latest update for A Gentleman’s Murder

Feb 19, 2017

Dear friends and followers,

I’m still around. Things are quiet with "Murder at the Veterans’ Club" right now: we’re still waiting for an editor. In the meantime, my current project with Choice Of Games is keeping me occupied.

I’d like to draw your attention, though, to a couple of other projects currently funding on Inkshares:

1) "Love, Derric", by Jason Pomerance. I’m currently about 80% of the way through Pomerance’s first novel with Inkshares, "Women Like Us", and I’d say he has a pretty good feel for the nuances of human relationships and the humour therein. "Love, Derric" is a true story about a rescued beagle, and I expect to see the same sort of humour and nuance in the relationships developing around the dog and his new owners/rescuers. Anyone who’s had a dog or loved a dog is certain to indentify with the story.

2) "Wake Up Call", by J.T.R. Russell. This one presents a world in which the deities of ancient mythologies are still knocking around; our protagonist is a normal human being working in an antique shop owned by one of these mythical deities, though we’re not sure which one. The tone is very humorous, and I expect to come out of this laughing.

There are a lot of projects happening on Inkshares, always. So, until next time: keep reading, and have fun.