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Join Regina McMenomy, Ph.D. as she reflects upon her experience leveling up as a first time mom. A lifelong gamer, Regina explores what it it means to be a parent through quests, achievements, and skill trees, adeptly drawing parallels between being a mom and being a gamer. This memoir tackles the good (giggles), the bad (teething), and the ugly (blow out diapers), all through the lens of a gamer. Sometimes humorous, always touching, this memoir is a must have for new and experienced mothers, gamers, or any combination thereof.

A Note from the Author

My name is Regina McMenomy and I’m a mom and a gamer. I realized a few months ago that I was constantly thinking about motherhood in gaming terms, and using the strategies I’ve applied to different games to managing my new life as a mom. It seemed like a simple enough connection at first: my first love (gaming) and my new love (my daughter) were things I could naturally connect using my experience with both. One day it dawned on me how this might be the kind of thing other gaming parents could relate to so I started brainstorming all the ways I could see gaming and parenthood interact.

It’s a long list.

My gaming background goes back to learning Basic on my Commodore Vic 20 and has grown and changed with the different platforms that have come since. In 2011, I defended my game studies dissertation at Washington State University and completed my Ph.D. in American Studies. Gaming and game culture continues to shape every aspect of my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way.